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Center for Teaching and Learning

Advisory Council


The Advisory Council is charged by the Executive Board to lead the efforts of all subcommittees by collegially coordinating all programs at CWU designed to prepare education professionals to work in P-12 schools. Guided by the unit's conceptual framework, the Advisory Committee's primary responsibilities are assessment, data interpretation, policy analysis, curriculum reviews and recommendations, faculty professional development and school partnerships. The three associate deans and at large faculty appointments are made to ensure representation from each of the three colleges, CAH, COTS, and CEPS.


Ginni Erion*Director - CTLCEPS
Todd ShiverDesignee for the Associate Dean of CAHCAH
Bruce PalmquistDesignee for the Associate Dean of COTSCOTS
OPENDirector of Field ExperiencesCEPS
Crystal WeddingtonTeacher Certification Program ManagerCEPS
Bobby CummingsDiversity & Equity Committee RepresentativeCAH
Kirk MathiasGraduate Programs Committee ChairCOTS
Mark OurslandUndergraduate Curriculum Committee ChairCOTS
Stephen MooreFaculty RepresentativeCAH
Janet ShiverFaculty RepresentativeCOTS
Keith SalyerTEACH ChairCEPS
Ian LoverroEducational Foundations & Curriculum ChairCEPS
* = Chair of Committee  


At LargePositionCollege
Beau SnowPublic School Representative 
VACANTStudent Representative 



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