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Center for Teaching and Learning

The Latin phrase, illustrated on the seal of Central Washington University, Docendo Discimus, By Teaching We Learn, is the cornerstone of the University's historical purpose, which also promotes its distinctiveness. The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is the place where Docendo Discimus is emphasized, and teaching as a means of facilitating learning is closely examined and practiced.

Central Washington University began preparing teachers for the State of Washington in 1890, and since that time has added school administration, counseling, and psychology to its program offerings, making CWU the largest university in the State for preparing p-12 school personnel.

CTL was created in 1991, to recognize the collaborative efforts of the College of Arts and Humanities, the College of Education and Professional Studies, and the College of the Sciences in preparing professional educators. The Center's mission is to Prepare Facilitators of Learning in a Diverse World. To accomplish this mission, the Center brings together school teachers, administrators, counselors, and psychologists from around the State, with university faculty representing the three colleges mentioned above; thereby establishing a professional community, which reaches all corners of the Central Washington University, and out to the real world of schooling. Representatives of this professional education community merge under the aegis of the Center: to design, deliver, and renew candidate admission, recruitment and retention policies and procedures; to design and review program and curriculum outcomes, and standards; to assess, as an aggregate, candidate knowledge, skills and dispositions; and to evaluate the Center's efficacy for the purpose of maintaining an excellent national accreditation status.

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The CTL logo was adapted from a Pendleton Blanket: "The Circle of Life or Elders Blanket" represents our mission of "preparing facilitators of learning in a diverse world." The design honors wisdom keepers who hand down knowledge to the next generation. It illustrates that people are interrelated and an equal part of the whole. The colors represent all humankind, mother earth, the sun, the stars, and the four directions of life. The spiral represents our constructivist acquisition of knowledge, skills, and dispositions, which evolve from meaningful experiences as assessed within the CTL's programs as well as throughout life. This ancient symbol from America's indigenous people best represents the CTL's professional commitments, values and beliefs.PartnershipNational Teacher of the Year
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Governor Jay Inslee and his wife, Trudi, take time to speak with CWU's Yakima Center teacher candidates on October 29, 2013. He reiterated his support for teachers and schools, highlighting the teachers in his own family. He shook each one of their hands, and congratulated them on their choice to be teachers. He later added on his facebook page, "I'm glad I could thank them for the hard work they're doing, and the hard work they will continue to do.