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Teacher Performance Assessment

Student Voice

Student Voice is ongoing reflective self-assessment expressed in the words of the learner for the purpose of improving teaching and learning. Student voice is important evidence, in addition to student work, of student understanding of his/her own learning process and progress toward the learning target(s). Examples of Student Voice evidence might include the following:

  • Evidence that students know the learning targets and what is required to meet them.
    • Students explain the learning target(s) in their own words, written or oral, rather than as worded by the teacher.
    • Students express why the learning target(s) are important.
    • Students describe how they will demonstrate that they have reached the targets.
  • Evidence that students know how to monitor their progress toward the learning target(s) using tools (checklists, rubrics, etc.).
    • Students know and discuss the progression of learning that guides their progress.
    • Students compare their work with a tool that clarifies the progression of learning.
    • Students explain what they are doing well, and what they need to improve, and what they need to do to make the identified improvements.
  • Evidence that students know how to access resources and additional support when needed.
    • Students articulate the range of resources available to them to help them reach the learning target(s).
    • Students explain how and why particular resources will help them reach the learning target.

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