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Teacher Performance Assessment

General Issues

Time management

  • Begin planning for your Teaching Event as soon as possible.  Do not procrastinate.
  • Work with your cooperating teacher to find the appropriate time for you to independently teach the Learning Segment.
  • Plan for videotaping your classroom.  Plan time to find the appropriate equipment, to do microphone and send checks on your video, and have an alternate date in case of potential problems with the filming such as lack of sound, who are the videographers, or a fire alarm in the middle of the lesson.
  • Reflect daily on your teaching.  This will get you into the habit of systematically thinking about your practice and later help you process the Teaching Event.
  • Plan ample time for the written commentaries and reflections.  Teaching Events that are rushed may not reflect one’s best teaching.
  • Plan time for peer review and advice on your Teaching Event.  Find a peer or other educator to edit and respond to your written commentaries.  This can be very helpful in clarifying your meanings and getting deeper into your analysis.

Videotaping reminders

  • A video clip should be continuous and unedited with no interruption in the events.  If you are required to submit more than one clip, they both should be unedited.
  • Both you and your students should be visible and clearly heard on the video submitted. 

Writing style

  • Address each of the commentary questions for each of the tasks in your Teaching Event.
  • Provide specific examples to support your ideas.  For example, if you suggest that most of the students were able to interpret a big idea, provide concrete examples and terms of students’ written or oral commentary that demonstrates this.
  • Use simple, straightforward prose.
  • Move beyond summarizing your classroom practice and show that you understand student learning and that you are able to think critically and analytically about it.
  • Let your own voice come through in your writing.

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