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Teacher Performance Assessment

English as an Additional Language


The Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA) is being developed as a nationally available assessment of readiness to teach for novices. The assessment is focused on student learning and is designed around the principles that successful teachers apply knowledge of subject matter and subject-specific pedagogy, develop and apply knowledge of their students’ varied needs, consider research/theory about how students learn, and reflect and act on evidence of the effects of their instruction on student learning.

As a performance-based assessment, the TPA is designed to engage candidates in demonstrating their understanding of teaching and student learning in authentic, experiential ways. As a participant in this assessment, you will have an opportunity to develop a collection of materials that represents the ways in which you teach students in your “student teaching” classroom or other instructional settings. When developing your materials, you will be prompted to synthesize what you have learned throughout your preparation program and apply it with the students you currently teach. Your TPA evidence will demonstrate your current abilities, knowledge and skills as a beginning teacher on your way to becoming a highly accomplished teacher.

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