Teacher Certification Program
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Required Tests for Program Admittance and Certification

Washington State requires teachers demonstrate basic skills (WEST-B test) and content knowledge (WEST-E/NES test) from approved tests to be recommended for certification. For details about each test, please read the information in the drop down items below.

  • Basic Skills: WEST-B

    You have to pass the WEST-B (or qualifying SAT/ACT scores) for full admittance to the Teacher Certification Program. Washington State has recently left the minimum score for WEST-B testing up to local control. CWU is still requiring a passing score of 240 or higher on the math and reading subtests and a 235 on the writing subtest for Teacher Certification Program admission. Please register for this test online through Pearson and select CWU to recieve your scores electronically.

    Study Guide Reading

    Study Guide Writing

    Study Guide Math

    If you do not pass with a 240/235 you must meet a remediation alternative as laid out in the WEST-B Policy Remediation.

  • Content Knowledge: WEST-E/NES

    Washington State requires that you attempt at least one exit exam before you begin student teaching. To meet this requirement, CWU requires you send confirmation of the date, location and test to at the same time as you complete your Student Teaching Application.

    You are ready to take the exit exam(s) upon completing most of your major or minor content courses. You will need to pass all test subjects you wish to be endorsed in. Passing score for NES is 220; passing score for WEST-E is 240. Please register for this test online through Pearson and select CWU to recieve your scores electronically. Look at the TESTING section of the Student Resources page for a list and study guide to ensure you take the correct test.


A limited number of vouchers are available to cover the cost of the WEST-B, WEST-E or NES tests . Vouchers will be awarded based on the highest amount of financial need (as determined by CWU’s Financial Aid Office). Vouchers may only be used to waive new registration/test fees. The Teacher Certification Program will email you the result of your application. Do not submit payment for the test until you have been notified by the Teacher Certification Program whether or not you have received a voucher. You may only receive the voucher one time.

To qualify for a voucher applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be currently enrolled at Central Washington University.
  2. Show financial need, as determined by the CWU Financial Aid Office.
  3. Submit voucher by the specified due date, shown below.
  4. Have not received a previous voucher for a given test.

Voucher Values

WEST-B Voucher (up to $96) awarded monthly. Broken into $32 codes to register for each subtest

WEST-E/NES Voucher (up to $96) awarded monthly

Apply for a testing voucher

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Updated 10/20/2021