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Teacher Certification

College of Education and Professional Studies

Preparing for Pro Teach

The ProTeach Portfolio is an evidence-based assessment designed for teachers seeking the Washington professional certificate. Teachers who hold a residency certificate must meet the passing score set on the ProTeach Portfolio (determined by the Professional Educators Standards Board) in order to earn their professional certificate. The ProTeach Portfolio evaluates teachers on their ability to impact student learning as stated in the 3 standards — effective teaching, professional development and professional contributions — and 12 criteria for the professional certificate approved by the Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB). [

Before you decide what kind of support you need, find out the scope of the ProTeach portfolio by following these steps.

STEP ONE: Visit the Washington ProTeach website.

STEP TWO: Read the portfolio overview

STEP THREE: Read the Entries

STEP FOUR: Read the FAQs

STEP FIVE: Review the Guides and Documentation

STEP SIX: Read the Scoring Overview

And finally…

STEP SEVEN: ProTeach Portfolio Options
a. University support program or
b. ESD support program or
c. District support program or
d. Informal working group with colleagues or
e. Work independently

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