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Teacher Certification

Graduation and Final Certification Applications

Graduation application and fee are to be submitted directly to Degree Checkout in Mitchell Hall. Please contact Degree Checkout for application deadlines.

The certificate application (#2 below) and Character and Fitness form (#3 below) are submitted when candidates apply for student teaching. You do not need to resubmit new forms when you apply for graduation. Certification application are to be submitted to the Certification Office in Black Hall, room 228.

  1. CWU Application for Graduation (submitted directly to Degree Checkout in Mitchell Hall) or you may apply for graduation online through your SAFARI account:
  2. Application for a Washington Residency Teaching Certificate (PDF)
  3. Character and Fitness Supplement (PDF) 
  4. CWU Graduating Senior Questionnaire
  5. $118 check made payable to CWU (to be sent to Degree Checkout with your Graduation Application)

Post-Bac Certification-Only students must submit items 2 and 3 along with a $68 check made payable to CWU to the Teacher Certification Office (Black Hall, room 228).