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CWU Sustainability

Campus Sustainability Map

Discover CWU's sustainability features on our campus map

Toggle on the 'Sustainability' layer to find locations of bottle filling stations, electric vehicle charging stations, and recycling stations. You can also see where CWU has installed solar panels, built LEED buildings, and implemented xeriscaping principles. 

The 'Inclusivity Features' layer can be used to find locations of all gender restrooms, nursing rooms, and PUSH pantries. 

Check out the 'Parking & Transportation' layer to find bike racks, Central Transit stops, and the bike repair station on campus. 

Archive of Sustainability and Climate Change Documents

The Libraries recently purchased a major digital archive of sustainability and climate change documents.  Climate Science and Sustainability: Global Origins of Modern Environmentalism is a searchable digitized collection of primary source documents related to climate science.  It chronicles scientific advances and activism form 1957-1995 including tens of thousands of journal articles, government publications, newspapers, magazines, and transcribed television and radio broadcasts. The archive is available to any CWU student, faculty, or staff member.

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