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CWU Sustainability

Campus Sustainability Maps

Interactive sustainability map
Click on the interactive map of CWU showing sustainability on campus.
A GIS student worked diligently over the summer of 2018 to complete this map.

This map was developed by Jason Bradshaw and Sterling Quinn with funding from a College of the Sciences Summer Undergraduate Research Experience grant and was modeled after University of Washington's sustainability map.

 Biking around campus map Click on the map to view "biking around campus" details.

 Central Transit map  Click on the map to view details of Central Transit locations around campus.

Non-motorized map Click on the map to view Ellensburg's non-motorized transportation map.

Archive of Sustainability and Climate Change Documents

The Libraries recently purchased a major digital archive of sustainability and climate change documents.  Climate Science and Sustainability: Global Origins of Modern Environmentalism is a searchable digitized collection of primary source documents related to climate science.  It chronicles scientific advances and activism form 1957-1995 including tens of thousands of journal articles, government publications, newspapers, magazines, and transcribed television and radio broadcasts. The archive is available to any CWU student, faculty, or staff member.

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