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CWU Sustainability

CWU's Science I Building.  Mt. Stuart and wind turbines can be seen in the background.

CWU's Science I building, with wind turbines and Mt. Stuart in the distance.

Central Washington University identifies maximizing sustainability as an important objective in its strategic plan. Recently members of the CWU community have come together to work towards improving campus sustainability during several Sustainability Cafes.  A major goal of addressing sustainability is to preserve natural resources, reduce waste generation, and reduce CWU's environmental impact. 

Take a look at CWU's recently completed Sustainability Map.

CWU Invites Campus and Community to Contribute to Sustainability Efforts

Do you support the petition to have CWU hire a sustainability coordinator?

CWU’s Strategic Plan includes a strong commitment to sustainability and identifies creating a sustainable natural environment as a core value. We are asking that CWU increase its commitment to improving environmental sustainability at CWU by hiring a sustainability coordinator, ideally by June 2019.

Reasons for a sustainability coordinator:

1.     The coordinator can work with the CWU community on initiatives to reduce CWU’s environmental impact.

2.     The coordinator can oversee sustainable efforts across campus making the efforts more effective.

3.     The permanent position will improve continuity of knowledge and know how related to environmental sustainability.

4.     The coordinator can work on larger sustainability issues with the City of Ellensburg, improving community well-being.

5.     The coordinator can provide assistance to Environmental Studies students for career advice and opportunities.

6.     A coordinator can assist in hosting sustainability conferences.

7.     Central Washington University is the only university in Washington that does not have a sustainability department, let alone a coordinator.

If you are interested in signing the online petition the link is below:

Sustainability Cordinator Petition


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