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Student Union and Recreation Center


Astonishing Building. Incredible Story.

It’s a story of vision, determination and collaboration. It’s a story of the transformation of a renovation project into the creation of a new and unique Student Union and Recreation Center at Central Washington University, the first fusion facility of its kind in the country.

Planning consultants told us that the success of this project rested on our ability to develop a “collective university will.” So, we began with the creation of partnerships inclusive of CWU students, faculty, administration, President’s Cabinet, Board of Trustees and our local community.

We developed a student-chaired project committee, with a student majority vote, that spanned more than eight years. Our collaboration with the office of the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs enabled us to build a strong business model and secure outstanding bond and interest rates.

We studied various site options and decided that this facility should be at the heart of campus, easily accessible to residence halls and our academic core. This involved moving high-voltage power lines, demolishing a dining facility and purchasing new land for parking––obstacles that were overcome through our shared vision.

With the work of talented consultants, architects and contractors we were able to create a fusion experience incorporating a state-of-the-art student union with a campus recreation center.  The result is a synergistic facility that houses our bookstore, primary residential dining, comprehensive student union facilities and a student membership recreation center.  And the rewards are evident: an enhanced campus community and enriched student life experience.

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