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Student Union and Recreation Center

CWU Student Union and Recreation Center remodel update

The CWU Student Union and Recreation Center (SURC) is remodeling various sections of the building during a two-phase process. Updates include changes to the Information Center and Recreation front desk to allow for better traffic flow and improved access, in addition to new carpeting and flooring throughout the building. During the project, staff will work to minimize the impact to the daily building operations by posting directional signage for construction detour routes.

Student Union:
The remodeling is almost complete.  Thank you for your patience as we add the final touches.  The new computer station is up and running and designed to pull people out of the main flow of traffic with three walk-up computers, one that is ADA compatible. There are two printers available for students to conveniently print and pick up documents. We are awaiting the installation of wall-mounted mailboxes for SURC offices and easy pick-up access.

Recreation Center:
The front desk has been redesigned with new turnstiles arriving soon for the entrance. A new Climbing Wall/Weight Room desk and flooring have been installed, and the Weight Room gained 85 square feet with a new entrance.

The hallway along the basketball courts received new flooring from the gates to the elevator.

For more information about the Student Union update contact Cherie Wilson, Student Union Operations director at 509-963-1350 or For more information about the Recreation Center updated contact, Michael Montgomery at University Recreation 509-963-3556

Persons of disability may make arrangements for reasonable accommodation by calling 509-963-1350 or by e-mailing