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SURC Accounting

Services and Activities Supplemental (S&A)

Funds can be request from S&A to support travel, registration, guest speakers, decorations, promotional items, supplies, and meals.

There are three main parts involved in a funds request:

  1. Requesting Funds
  2. Allowable Reimbursable Expenses
  3. Submitting Documentation for Reimbursement

S&A Supplemental Form


Requesting Funds:

To request funds from S&A, a funding request packet needs to be filled out which can be found at the link above. 

In the event of travel, a Student, Group, or Club Intent to Travel form must be completed PRIOR to travel and if travel is outside WA state, a travel authorization must also be completed PRIOR to travel. Please speak with SURC Accounting to receive assistance in completing this step by either sending an e-mail with a request for a time to meet or by stopping by the office to complete the authorization. A list of travelers including student ID numbers and phone numbers will be needed.

All travel outside of the United States requires approval from the Office of International Studies and Programs (OISP), which must be obtained at least six months prior to departure. Additional documentation may be required by OISP, so you are encouraged to start the process early.

Contact Lacy Lampkins at and submit an electronic copy of the supplemental budget request form to receive a place on the S&A agenda to request funds.

You will be assigned to an S&A meeting to present your request for funding. Your assigned date and meeting time will be given by phone or e-mail after the request has been submitted.

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Allowable Reimbursable Expenses:

Purchases are paid on a REIMBURSEMENT BASIS only, meaning you must pay for items/travel first and then be reimbursed after following all required steps of the funding source. Purchases allowable for reimbursement are:

  • Travel: This includes motor pool, private cars, gas, mileage, airfare, and other related transportation expenses, including meals. Travel is, for the most part, subject to all University and State travel procedures.
  • Registration: This includes admission fees.
    Lodging: Hotels costs can be covered while in travel status for the approved request. Hotels costs can only by reimbursed if more than 50 miles from Ellensburg. Hotel receipts must be detailed and list all charges separately (to ensure funding is spent in accordance with University and State guidelines).
  • Guest Speakers: A W-9 and A-19 or Invoice are required for all payments and payment will be made through the University. If the payment for service is greater than $10,000.00, work with SURC Accounting and the Contracts Office to complete the appropriate contract.  of the University. An announcement, flier, or any type of document publicizing the event should be attached.
  • Decorations: Decorations may be purchased, however they must remain with the University after the completion of the event. A list of decorations and who will be the custodian of them after the event must be included.
  • Promotional Items: Items for the primary purpose of advertising or promoting your organization and/or its activities may be purchased. No fee can be charged to participate in the activity. The item must be of nominal value and must comply with CWU procedure 3-50-320.
  • Equipment: Equipment and other items purchased with S&A funds belong to CWU and the State of Washington. Equipment and certain “small and attractive” items are inventoried by the University. See
  • Supplies: The organization’s advisor is responsible for taking custody of unused supplies. They should be stored in a secure location for use the following year.
  • Apparel: Please refer to the Use of State Resources for Apparel Purchases document.
  • Meals: Meals are subject to the following restrictions, for any questions, contact SURC Accounting:
    • Subject to rate limits specified in CWU policy 3-50-240 Meal Reimbursement.
    • Meals may be purchased for a lecturer or entertainer if food costs are specified in the contract or as part of payment for the performance.
    • Meals may be purchased for students who take a speaker/entertainer dining out if the students are involved in a program organization. (No more than thee such students per event). Meals may also be purchased for an organization’s advisor in attendance.
    • Banquet meals may be purchased for student(s) receiving awards at a banquet.
    • Light refreshments may be purchased for consumption at approved student programs. Light refreshments include nonalcoholic beverages and edible items commonly served between meals.
    • For purchases of meals and light refreshments, see the following CWU policy 2-40-200, specifically point #4.


Please speak with SURC Accounting if you have any questions regarding receipt/documentation for your expenses to ensure prompt reimbursement.

If there are any expenses that you are unsure of or documentation is different than normal, please talk to SURC Accounting to ensure documentation is acceptable for reimburse and any supporting documents are obtained.

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Submitting Documentation for Reimbursement:

After the return from travel or the end of the event, you have 2 weeks to turn in all relevant receipts for reimbursement to SURC Accounting (SURC 263).

In the event that all receipts have not been returned to SURC Accounting within the 2 week timeframe, only those receipts turned in will be reimbursed.

You will be reimbursed through the online travel report process. SURC Accounting will e-mail out instructions on how to complete this portion after all receipts have been submitted to SURC Accounting (or the two week window to turn in receipts has close) and all of the information is reconciled. Please watch your CWU email for questions and instructions.

The reimbursement process takes roughly 3 weeks to complete from the end of the event.

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1A receipt is any document that shows a detail of the charge(s) and proof of completion of the payment (e.g. credit/debit card charge, $0.00 ending balance, etc.)

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