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SURC Accounting

General Q&A


Q: Can Clubs or Organization open an outside banking account to conduct financial activity?
A: No, a Club or Organization is restricted from opening an outside bank account per the Club Handbook and the SURC Accounting signatory form.

Q: Only one Club member is on campus, can a Club or Organization still complete a cash withdrawal or pay for an expense?
A: During the regular school year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) two signatures are required on all cash withdrawals, advances, and expense forms. During the summer months, we understand the difficulty in having club members leave campus; only during Summer quarter do we allow e-mail responses from an authorized Central Washington University e-mail address as a second signature, one physical signature is still required.

Q: How does a Club receive a listing of transactions from their account from SURC Accounting?
A: Only an individual who appears on the signatory list may request a listing of transactions from their account. 

Q: What is a receipt by SURC Accounting standards?
A: A receipt is any document that shows a detailed list of what is being charged as well as proof that the payment for the charge has been received. Without both of these pieces of information, a document is not a receipt by SURC Accounting standards. There may be supplemental information that can be turned in to help make sure all parts of the transaction are accounted for, please contact SURC Accounting for more information if you have any questions.

Q: How long will it take for a check to be sent out?
A: Once two signatories sign off for the expenditure, SURC Accounting can begin the check request process which takes roughly 3 days. After the 3 day processing period the check will be sent.