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SURC Accounting

Club Senate

Funds can be requested from Club Senate to support club activity such as travel, registration, guest speakers, lodging, advertising, and room & equipment rentals.

Instructions for requesting club/academic funds are here

  1. Allowable Reimbursable Expenses
  2. Submitting Documentation for Reimbursement


Allowable Reimbursable Expenses:

Purchases are paid on a REIMBURSEMENT BASIS only, meaning you must pay for the travel or event first and then submit receipts to be reimbursed after following all the appropriate steps required by your funding source. Purchases allowable for reimbursement are:

  • Travel: Travel includes all possible ways you can get to and from a Club event or conference. (ex: plane, bus, train, vehicle) If you are using a vehicle, you may use your own or rent one from CWU Motor Pool.
  • Registration: This covers all entering costs for a Club event or conference.
  • Guest Speakers: These are non-University related people who are brought in to speak at a club-sponsored event. An A-19/Invoice and W-9 are required for all payments. If the payment is greater than $10,000, you are required to work with SURC Accounting (SURC 263) and the Contracts Offce to create a Personal Services Contract for your speaker.
  • Hotel: Hotel costs can be covered while a Club is participating in a Club event such as a conference or workshop. Hotel costs can only be reimbursed if the hotel is more than 50 miles away from Ellensburg. Hotel receipts must be detailed and list all charges separately, for example, room charge, taxes, room service, etc. (to ensure funding is spent in accordance with University and State guidelines).
  • Advertising: Advertising costs for recognized CWU clubs must be paid to a professional business organization such as Campus Life or the Copy Shop. Advertising does not include tangible office supplies or copying costs. Also, Club Senate cannot pay for advertising costs that go towards a Club fundraiser.
  • Room and Equipment Rentals: This encompasses meeting rooms, venues, and rental equipment for club hosted events.


Please speak with SURC Accounting if you have any questions regarding receipts or documentation for your expenses to ensure prompt reimbursement.

If there are any expenses that you are unsure of, or documentation is different than normal, please talk to SURC Accounting to ensure acceptable documentation is provided for reimbursement and all required supporting documents is obtained.

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Submitting Documentation for Reimbursement:

After completion of the event or travel, you must report back. If you do not report back, your funds request will not be allocated. After reporting back to Club Senate, you have 1 week to turn in all relevant receipts for reimbursement to SURC Accounting (SURC 250).

In the event that all receipts have not been returned to SURC Accounting within the 1 week timeframe, only those receipts turned in will be reimbursed.

You will be reimbursed through the online travel report process. SURC Accounting will e-mail out instructions on how to complete this portion after all receipts have been submitted to SURC Accounting (or the one week window to turn in receipts has closed) and all of the information reconciled.

The reimbursement process takes roughly two to three weeks from the time that our office receives the approval of funds after the report back has been completed. Please watch your CWU email account for questions and instructions.

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1A receipt is any document that shows a detail of the charge(s) and proof of completion of the payment (e.g. credit/debit card charge, $0.00 ending balance, etc.)

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