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SURC Accounting

Club Senate

To request funds from Club Senate a funding request packet needs to be filled out, this can be found in the ASCWU-BOD office in SURC 236 or on the ASCWU-BOD website.

In the event of travel, a travel authorization must be completed PRIOR to travel. Currently SURC Accounting is in the process of revising the travel procedures due to the new online travel system.

While we work through these new processes, please speak with SURC Accounting prior to travel to ensure that you have the most current information available. We advise scheduling a time to speak with a SURC Accounting staff member as there are many people currently traveling and we would like to make sure the travelers and our office have sufficient time to gather all the information and create the authorization.

Please also keep in mind that a travel authorization is required to be completed and submitted prior to travel and has sufficient time to be routed for approvals.

When travel is complete, you will need to coordinate with SURC Accounting once again to ensure that your travel voucher, which issues the reimbursement, is reconciled with your original receipts and any other information surrounding your event.

Please schedule a time to speak with SURC Accounting when turning in receipts if you are a larger group so that all the information our office needs can be coordinated among all travelers.

This page will be updated with the new procedures once they have been established.

Purchases are paid on a reimbursement basis only, purchases allowable for reimbursement are:

  • Travel: Travel includes all possible ways you can get to and from a Club event. (ex: plane, bus, train, vehicle) If you are using a vehicle, you may use your own or borrow one from motor pool.
  • Registration: This covers all entering costs for a Club event.
  • Guest Speakers: These are all non-University related people who are brought in to speak at a club-sponsored event. An A-19/Invoice and W-9 are required for all payments. If the payment is greater than $500, you are required to work with SURC Accounting (SURC 263) to create a Personal Services Contract for your speaker.
  • Hotel: Hotel costs can be covered while a Club is participating in a Club event such as a conference or workshop. Hotel can only be reimbursed if it is more than 50 miles away from Ellensburg.
  • Advertising: CWU recognized club advertising costs must be paid to a professional business organization such as Campus Life or the Copy Shop. Advertising does not include tangible office supplies or copying costs. Also, Club Senate cannot pay for advertising costs that go towards a Club fundraiser.
  • Educational Supplies: This encompasses all supplies that can be used to enhance and educate the members of a recognized Club. These supplies must be inventoried through the University by your Club Advisor annually.

1A receipt is any document that shows a detail of the charge(s) and proof of completion of the payment (e.g. credit/debit card charge, $0.00 ending balance, etc.)