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SURC Accounting

Cash Reimbursements


Funds can be released from a Club or Organization account for reimbursement purposes. To complete a cash reimbursement a cash withdrawal form must be completed.

To be reimbursed for payment, original receipts1 must be turned in totaling the amount to be reimbursed, if the amount of reimbursement is less than the total indicated on the receipt, please indicate which items are being reimbursed or clearly mark how much of the purchase is to be reimbursed.

A description of what the reimbursement is for in addition to who is intended to receive the cash reimbursement must be included on the cash withdrawal form.

To authorize the release of funds, two Club/Organization signatories must approve the withdrawal. The cash withdrawal form will stay in the SURC Accounting office as the signatories must be verified with photo identification (Government ID or CWU Connection Card) against the signatory list held in the Club/Organization file in SURC Accounting. The individual receiving cash must provide identification as well to be verified against the name indicated on the withdrawal form.

NOTE:  There is a $200.00 cash withdrawal limit per day, per Club/Organization. If the amount of reimbursement is larger than this, a check can be cut and mailed to the individual, which requires a 3 day processing period. Check reimbursements require the same detail and procedures as cash reimbursements.

1A receipt is any document that shows a detail of the charge(s) and proof of completion of the payment (e.g. credit/debit card charge, $0.00 ending balance, etc.)