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Student Information

Admission and Readmission for Undergraduates and Non-master's Students

Mitchell Hall, 1st Floor
Phone: 509-963-1211

Students seeking a baccalaureate degree who plan to take Summer Session classes must submit a CWU admission application to the Admissions Office. You can apply online here. The admissions application and all transcripts must be received by June 1, 2011. After admission, contact Registrar Services to register for summer classes.

Application and Admission for Master's Degree Students

Dean of graduate studies and research
Barge 305
Phone: 509-963-3103

A student who has completed a bachelor's degree, either at CWU or another institution, may apply for admission to a master's degree program.

The student's bachelor's degree must be from a college or university accredited by a recognized accrediting association. A student with a baccalaureate degree from an institution holding candidacy status for accreditation is considered only after a review of the Analysis Report and Evaluation Committee Report of the accrediting association, which must be provided by the institution before admission will be determined.

Applications for master's degree study can be obtained from the graduate studies office.

A master's degree program involves a close graduate faculty/student relationship in order to plan a program of study most appropriate to the professional goals and purposes of each admitted applicant. The master's application, $50 application fee, graduate record examination (GRE) scores (if applicable), transcripts, three letters of recommendation, and a statement of educational and professional objectives should be submitted by April 1 to the Office of Graduate Studies, Research and Continuing Education for admission to a master's degree program for summer quarter. Applicants to master's degree study are admitted by formal letter from the associate vice president of graduate studies and research. Once admitted, the summer registration fee must be submitted to the Cashiers Office.

A complete description of graduate school programs and policies may be found in the CWU catalog.

Classification of Students

Class rank is based upon the number of quarter hours earned and can be found here 2012-2013 Student Registration Handbook.


Number of Courses

Courses are numbered and listed for Students based on their status here 2012-20113 Student Registration Handbook.

Student Load Policy

The number of credits for which a student is fully registered determines full-time and part-time status. Information regarding the student load for Undergraduate, Post-Baccalaureate, Graduates, and Non-Matriculated Students can be found here 2012-2013 Student Registration Handbook.


Conditions for when a student may be eligible to Audit a course can be found here 2012-2013 Student Registration Handbook.

Credit by Examination

The university has published a "Course Challenge List" in the general catalog. Regularly enrolled (full fee-paying) students may challenge for credit any course that appears on the current "Course Challenge List." To challenge a course, the student may be required to take examinations and carry out procedures according to department-established practices. Additional information can be found here, 2012-2013 Student Registration Handbook.

Wait Lists

Students should be aware that SAFARI automatically enrolls them in a course for which they have wait listed, once a seat becomes available and if they are eligible to enroll. Not all courses have wait lists, so students should review the Schedule of Classes to determine which courses have wait lists. Important information regarding wait lists is summarized here, 2012-2013 Student Registration Handbook.

Financial Aid and Veterans Assistance

Conditions for financial aid  for Undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, graduate and Veterans Assistance for VA students can be found here, 2012-2013 Student Registraion Handbook.

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