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Security and Emergency Info

The Student Union building sevices office is located in room 146. Our building management team is always available during operational hours at (509) 201-6192.  The building management staff at the Student Union will work in conjunction with Central Washington University, University Police & Parking Services and other local authorities should issues arise.


Employee Access
If you are employee of the building and need access to the building after hours, you will need to make arrangement with your respective Director to receive a key card. All employees will be required to carry their valid CWU photo identification card with them at all times. As the key holder, you are responsible for any and all guests that may be with you. When you exit the building, any and all guests with you will need to exit as well. Anyone not complying with this policy will be asked to leave the building and future visitation privileges may be revoked by the Student Union management.


Campus & Community Shelter
In case of a campus and/or community emergency, the Student Union can act as an Emergency Shelter. Our management team will work with CWU Administration, University Police & Parking Services and other local authorities to ensure all clients and guests maintain appropriate levels of safety.


Fire Emergencies
The Student Union building is equipped with the latest fire and smoke detection systems. The building management team is able to monitor these systems. Should one of these systems be activated, the building management team will assist with the evacuation of the building. All meeting rooms within the Student Union have the Student Union & Recreation Center Evacuation Plan displayed by the exit doors.


Power Failure
In the event the Student Union should experience a power failure, a back-up generator is in place to allow for limited power supply to the building. Unfortunately, should such an event take place, certain areas of the building may become in-operational and some services may be interrupted. Student Union management will determine how to proceed with building services, depending on the length of the power failure.

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