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Student Union

Equipment Rates

University groups funded by S&A budgets receive a 50% discount on the "University Group Rate" prices. Items highlighted are also available for off-campus rental. Off-campus items are subject to replacement costs if lost, stolen, or damaged. **Items only available in the SURC.  Inventory quanity and rates are subject to change without notice.


Equipment ListUniversity
Group Rate
Group Rate
Bull Horn (3)$15.00$20.00
CD Player (Dual CD Tray DJ)$45.00$50.00
DVD/CD Player (3)$25.00$30.00
DVD/VCR Combo (3)$25.00$30.00
Delivery (On-Campus)*$20.00$25.00
Delivery (Off-Campus)*$20.00/hr$25.00/hr
Document Cam (Requires Data Projector (1))$60.00$65.00
Flip Charts (4)$15.00$20.00
Folding Chairs (89)$2.00$3.00
Laptop (6)$45.00$50.00
Lighting (Dance Package) (8 PAR 46s, 2 "T-Stands", 2 dimmer pks)$80.00$85.00
Lighting (Ellipsoidal 6x9 w Gobo Holder) (4)$6.00$7.00
Lighting (PAR 46) (12)$4.00$5.00
Lighting (PAR 56)$5.00$6.00
Lighting (PAR 64) (8)$6.00$7.00
Lighting (Spot Light 1k) (2)$35.00$40.00
Lighting (Full Package) **$200.00$205.00
Mic (SM 57 - Instrument Only)$7.00$8.00
Mic (SM 58 - Vocal Only)$7.00$8.00
Mic Handheld (Wireless SM58)$25.00$30.00
Mic Lavalier (Wireless) (7)$25.00$30.00
Mic, Drum Kit (7 Piece) (1)$20.00$25.00
Partition, Portable (Black) (6)**$15.00$20.00
Partition, Portable (Gray) (5)**$15.00$20.00
Phone (Conference) (1)$15.00$20.00
Piano (Baby Grand)** (1)$25.00$30.00
Piano (Upright)** (1)$25.00$30.00
Pipe & Drape (8ft. Tall, 10ft Wide, Black)$15.00$20.00
Pipe & Drape (12ft. Tall, 10ft Wide, Black)$20.00$25.00
Pipe & Drape (16ft. Tall, 10ft Wide, Black)$25.00$30.00
Plasma 42" Television** (3)$60.00$65.00
Podium (w/ CWU Seal)**$10.00$15.00
Podium (w/o CWU Seal)**$10.00$15.00
Projector (digital) (6)$60.00$65.00
Projector (overhead) (2)$15.00$20.00
Screen, Rear Projection (9ft x 12ft) (3)$35.00$40.00
Screen, Projection (classroom style 70") (4)$20.00$25.00
Skirting (20ft Black) (12)$5.00$8.00
Skirting (20ft Green) (4)$5.00$8.00
Skirting (20ft Red) (2)$5.00$8.00
Skirting (20ft White) (4)$5.00$8.00
Sound System (Full) Requires Technician/hr.$620.00$650.00
Sound System (Portable Single Speaker) (8)$25.00$30.00
Sound System (Portable, 2 Speakers) (2)$50.00$55.00
Sound, Console (Yamaha 12CH, 6XLR) (3)$25.00$30.00
Sound, Console (Mackie 24CH, 4 BUSS) (1)$40.00$45.00
SURC A/V Cart**$60.00$65.00
SURC Ballroom Packages**CALLCALL
SURC Theatre Packages**CALLCALL
Sound, Monitor (4)$25.00$30.00
Sound, Speaker (JBL SUB) ** (4)$55.00$60.00
Sound, Speaker (JBL) ** (4)$35.00$40.00
Staging 4ft x 8ft x 24in/32in (Carpet/Black)**$12.00$12.00
Staging 4ft x 8ft x 24in (Portable, Carpet)** (4)$30.00$30.00
Staging 6ft x 8ft x 24in (Carpet/Black)**$12.00$12.00
Television (20in, VCR/DVD Combo) (2)$40.00$45.00
Tables, 5ft Round (Gray)**$10.00$15.00
Tables, 8ft x 30in Rectangular (Brown Plastic)$10.00$15.00
Technician, Staff*$20.00/hr$20.00/hr
Whiteboard, Large (Portable)** (2)$15.00$20.00