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Student Living

Student Living Mission.
As Student Living:
WE PROMOTE a safe and equitable campus in which we encourage holistic student development and well-being.
WE STRIVE to positively impact the success of our students and staff.
WE DO this through purposeful connections.

CORE VALUES for Student Living

We pledge to keep students at the center of everything we do.
We pledge to be proud, supportive, honest, ethical and moral for ourselves, others and in all we do. We are committed to nurturing respect across all areas of our community.
We commit to supporting an environment in which we engage all people and embrace individuality. We commit to providing equal access to high quality educational opportunities for all students. We value diversity and ensure our work is reflective of an inclusive environment.
We strive for the best in all we do and aim to exceed our own expectations. We proudly demonstrate integrity to do what is in the best interest of our students, staff, faculty, and university community.
We demonstrate and expect to work in a climate in which partnerships can happen and endeavor to support student success.
We have a sustained commitment for continuous improvement, responsible decision making and innovation. We vow through our actions and words to practice honesty and transparency.

Jenna Hyatt

Associate Dean for Student Living





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