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Student Success

Student Conduct Council

Student Conduct Council reports to the Dean of Student Success. 
PURPOSE:  The Student Conduct Council provides an opportunity by which a student who is suspended or expelled will be afforded due process in the matter of alleged violations of University standards, rules and requirements governing academic and social conduct of students. 
Member TypePositionMember NameTerm Ends
VotingFacultyTerry Brown06/30/2014
VotingFacultyJan Byers-Kirsch06/30/2016
VotingFacultyMaya Chachava06/30/2016
VotingFacultyRuthie Erman06/30/2014
VotingFacultyLad Holden06/30/2014
VotingFacultyMaria Sanders06/30/2014
VotingStudentJonathan Hineline06/14/2014
VotingStudentRobert Moser06/14/2014
VotingStudentKarina Martin06/14/2014
VotingStudentEmily Waag06/14/2014
VotingStudentKathryn O'Neal06/14/2014
VotingStudent 06/14/2014
VotingStudent 06/14/2014
VotingStudent 06/14/2014


Student Conduct Code is under Washington State Legislation-WAC 106-120