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Student Success

Student Achievement

Who We Are:

Student Achievement consists of nine departments (see links at bottom of page) providing academic advising, career counseling, academic support, and educational outreach services. Collectively, we are 70 strong; and, while our daily duties are diverse, we are all educators grateful for the opportunity to accompany CWU and Washington state students on their academic journeys. We invite you to watch our “One Word” video to gain a fuller picture of Student Achievement.

What We Do:

Through inclusive relationships between students, staff, and faculty, accessibility, and innovation, the Department of Student Achievement provides holistic co-curricular services to facilitate lifelong academic, career, and personal achievement. In short, our job is to give students every opportunity to graduate, on time, and in a “good-fit” degree. We invite you to review our recent annual report snapshots for a clearer view of the scope and impact of our work.

• 2013-14 (coming soon)
• 2012-13

Major Initiative Updates:

• Academic Advising
• Academic Early Alert
• Career Services (Coming Soon)


Academic Advising CenterAcademic Achievement ProgramCAMPCareer Services
Educational Opportunity CenterGear UpHEPLearning Commons
STARStudent Achievement OutreachTesting Services