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Student Success

Student Achievement

About Student Achievement

Vision and Mission: Through 1) inclusive relationships between students, staff, and faculty, 2) accessibility, and 3) innovation, the Department of Student Achievement provides holistic co-curricular services to facilitate lifelong academic, career, and personal achievement.

Measures of Success: During the first year of this new organizational model, the Associate Dean for Student Achievement will

  • Work with all Student Achievement staff to enhance the accessibility and usability of Student Achievement services.
  • Facilitate the development of a division culture that supports commitment, innovation, teamwork, results orientation, and vitality.
  • Work with staff to identify key measurable outcomes, for individuals units, and the division; and establish an assessment protocol.
  • Address issues of physical space to create learning environments congruent with CWU's vision for student success.
  • Ensure the development of professional development plans for all staff members
  • Establish structural connections with the Undergraduate Studies Office, Faculty Senate, SOURCE, and the Center for the Teacher Scholar.
  • Review staff roles, responsibilities, and compensation to establish internal processes that support position and compensation equity between the Student Achievement units.


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