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Student Success

Board of Academic Appeals/Academic Standing Council

Board of Academic Appeals and Academic Standing Council reports to the Dean of Student Success.

The purpose of the Board of Academic Appeals (Board) and Academic Standing Council is to provide for fair and impartial hearings of academic grievances. The Board serves as the final hearing body for the university in the matter of academic grievances.  The Board may direct the university to change an academic decision affecting the student and specify the content of that change.

Contact/Chair: Carolyn Thurston

Committee Structure: 7 faculty and 8 students

Member TypePositionNameEnds on
VotingFacultyNancy Graber Pigeon6/30/2018
VotingFacultyMichael Goerger6/30/2018
VotingFacultyDanielle Neal6/30/2017
VotingFacultyJason Underhill6/30/2017
VotingFacultyMolly Ross6/30/2016
VotingFacultyTeresa Sloan6/30/2016
VotingFacultyDavid Martin6/30/2016
VotingStudentAshley Harris6/30/2016
VotingStudentMelanie Garza6/30/2016
VotingStudentKatie Klein6/30/2016
VotingStudentOmar Freemire6/30/2016
VotingStudentTheresa Lynch6/30/2016
VotingStudentMarcel Leija6/30/2016
VotingStudentMichelle Montgomery6/30/2016
VotingStudentKatie DeVore6/30/2016