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Academic Early Alert

CWU's Academic Early Alert System:

In order to provide the utmost user-friendliness and easy access for faculty to the Academic Early Alert System—the AEA button is embedded in its own column within each faculty member's class roster.

The AEA button (which looks like this:  )  is LIVE and ready to use in each instructor's class roster, (accessible through the faculty center in MyCWU), and remains available until the last day of classes each quarter.

Once an instructor submits an Academic Early Alert regarding a student's poor attendance, academic performance, or behavior of concern in his/her class, the following occurs:

1. Once daily, instructors submitting alerts will receive an email confirming all of their AEA submissions during the previous 24-hour period.

2. Each student for whom an alert is submitted will receive an email notification.

3. Once daily, students’ advisors will receive an email notification of the alert(s) submitted about their advisees during the previous 24-hour period.

4. Advisors and other Student Success staff follow up with students for whom an AEA has been submitted by contacting each student by email or phone. Students about whom faculty and staff have serious concerns are strongly encouraged to schedule appointments to meet directly with their instructor(s) and advisor(s) for academic advice, assistance, and additional resource referrals.

5. The Director of Academic Success Initiatives tracks all quarterly data on AEA matters and provides answers about the system and other available resources to students, faculty, and advising staff.

6. The Office of the Dean of Student Success welcomes ongoing feedback about the AEA and is committed to increasing participation and campus-wide understanding of the purpose, methodology, and assessment of AEA. 

Anyone with questions, comments, or feedback about the Academic Early Alert system is encouraged to contact Carolyn Thurston, Director of Academic Success Initiatives, either by email at or by phone in the Dean of Student Success Office at 509-963-2700.




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