Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities
Bouillon Hall 205

Information about Your Rights

Academic Rights

As a student at Central Washington University, you have the right to:

  • Petition for a leave of absence
  • Receive appropriate advising resources
  • Audit a course
  • Appeal a grade
  • Appeal academic suspension
  • Withdraw within the first six weeks of the quarter
  • Request a hardship withdrawal prior to the final exam week
  • Know the grading policy used by an instructor at the outset of a course and have it applied consistently
  • Take one course per quarter to be evaluated on a credit/no-credit basis
  • Complete a course for which you receive an “I” within 12 months
  • Credit by challenging
  • Petition the appropriate department chair for course substitution
  • Not take a test that is more than 20% of the course grade the week before finals
  • Know of all assignments that will be due the last week of instruction
  • Request that the posted final exam schedule be complied with
  • Request that one final be moved if you are scheduled for more than two in one day
  • Commencement participation
  • Initiate a proposal for curriculum change

Due Process Rights

All Central Washington Students are guaranteed the right to due process. Students have protection through orderly procedures against arbitrary or capricious actions or decisions by University authorities. Due process is recognized as essential to the proper enforcement of University rules.

  • Any individual can file a report to the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities concerning a potential policy violation or concerning behaviors.
  • Any student who may potentially be in violation of university policy shall receive notification from the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities that informs the student of the specific policies they may have been responsible for violating, a brief summary of the incident, and the date of the alleged incident. The notification will have a specific time, date, and location of the student’s required Student Conduct Hearing with a University Hearing Officer to discuss the situation.
  • The Student Conduct Hearing will allow the student the opportunity to review the Student Conduct Code, review the allegations, and provide an opportunity for the student to share their side of the incident.
  • Based on the information gathered throughout the investigation and during the Student Conduct Hearing, the University Hearing Officer will determine whether the student is responsible or not responsible for violating the university policy and will assign sanctions consistent with the level of offense.
  • The student involved will be notified of the outcome and finding.
  • Students have the right to appeal disciplinary action taken through a Conduct Review Hearing or a Student Conduct Council Hearing.


As a student at Central Washington University, you have the right to appeal a course grade, assessed fine, academic suspension, or disciplinary action. No individual shall be penalized or retaliated against in any way by the university community for his or her participation in this complaint procedure.

  • A Course Grade
    • Students have protection from arbitrary, capricious, or discriminatory grading or evaluations. Students looking to appeal their course grade are encouraged to first attempt a resolution with the faculty member, then with the Department Chair, and if unable to resolve with the chair then meet with the Academic Dean. If these attempts fail to provide an outcome that the student finds acceptable, the student has the right to submit a written appeal to the Board of Academic Appeals to schedule a hearing and make a final determination on the course grade.
    • Academic Appeals Process CWUR 2-90-040(2)
    • Academic Appeals Forms
  • Academic Suspension
    • Students who have received an academic suspension for several quarters of failing academic performance can choose to submit a written appeal before the Academic Standing Committee to review the case and make a final determination on whether to uphold or overturn the academic suspension.
    • Academic Appeals Forms
  • Disciplinary Action
    • Disciplinary action imposed as a result of a University Conduct Hearing outcome may be appealed in writing in your Guardian Portal or email the Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities at Students seeking to appeal must submit their appeal within the applicable time period to be considered.
      • Students seeking to appeal disciplinary action imposing a conduct suspension or conduct dismissal must submit a completed appeal form within 20 days of the initial decision.
      • Students seeking to appeal any other disciplinary action must submit a completed appeal form within 10 days of the initial decision.
    • If a student is appealing a suspension or conduct dismissal, the student is afford the regular rights and responsibilities of all other students pending the outcome of the Student Conduct Council findings and is allowed to register and attend classes.
  • University Fine or Fee
    • Every student has the right to appeal an assessment by the university of a fee, fine, charge, debt, or other financial obligation by filing a written petition with the appropriate dean or non-academic area director, stating the student’s reasons for challenging the validity of the assessed obligation. The written petition must be filed within ten days after the notice of assessment is sent to the student. The dean, director or their designee, shall review the university’s decision to assess the fee, fine, charge, debt, or other financial obligation in light of the student’s petition appealing the assessment and shall render a decision that shall be final.
    • Appeals regarding housing contracts, fees, or charges may be sent to the Director of University Housing and New Student Programs in Button Hall.