Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities
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Information about Appeals

Central Washington University follows the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) general rules that apply to appeals or requests for further administrative review of disciplinary action at any stage of a student disciplinary proceeding.

Contents of Appeal:

A student's written notice of appeal must explain why the party disagrees with the disciplinary decision and what relief or remedy the party is reuesting. The appeal or request for review MUST be based on one or more of the following grounds:

  • Insufficient evidence. The disciplinary action taken was not supported by a preponderance of the evidence.
  • New evidence. New evidence not available at the time the disciplinary action was taken should result in a different outcome.
  • Procedural or other error. The disciplinary action was taken in violation of prescribed procedures or was based on an erroneous interpretation or application of the student conduct code.
  • Disproportionate outcome. The disciplinary action taken was not proportionate to the student violation(s) alleged.

Effect of Appeal

Disciplinary action imposing a conduct suspension or imposing a conduct dismissal (expulsion) shall be stayed pending the conclusion of the appeal proceedings. Other disciplinary sanctions shall not be stayed.

Appeal Time Frame

Students may appeal the initial decision by submitting their appeal and any attachments into their case in their Guardian Portal by logging in and selecting "Case Associations" at the top of the page OR email your documentation to

  • Disciplinary action imposing a conduct reprimand, conduct probation, or any other disciplinary action other than suspension or dismissal must have the applea submitted within ten (10) days of notice of the disciplinary decision
  • Disciplinary action imposing a conduct suspension or a conduct dismissal (expulsion) must have the appeal submitted within twenty (20) days of notice of the disciplinary decision

If no appeal is filed within the applicable time period, the disciplinary action of the student conduct officer shall be final.