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Student Rights & Responsibilities


Once a student has a meeting, if the student is found responsible for violating the Student Conduct Code, the University Hearing Officer may assign one or more sanctions based on the students’ previous conduct history and the level of the current offense:

  • Educational sanction
    May include attendance or implementation at educational programs, interviews with appropriate officials, referrals to appropriate university or community resources, community service, written reflections or educational essays, or any other educational activity that the University Hearing Officer deems appropriate for the specific incident.
  • Residential reassignment 
    Transfer from a specific residence hall or room to another area on campus.
  • Residential eviction
    Complete removal and cancellation of a student’s housing contract
  • University or residential trespass
    Trespass from being present on university owned property or within specific halls or buildings.
  • University no contact order
    Assigned no contact (verbal, electronic, third-party, etc.) between two or more individuals.
  • Fine/restitution
    Assessed fine to cover the cost of theft or damages
  • Campus internet access removal
    Restriction from using the campus ResNet system due to potential violations of the ResNet Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Parental notification
    Notice via letter or phone call to notify parents/guardians of concerning behaviors or actions that may be causing a potential concern for the student’s health and safety, or may be jeopardizing the student’s ability to continue as a student at CWU.

The hearing officer may also assign a student status sanction as laid out in the Student Code of Conduct:

  • Conduct reprimand
  • Disciplinary probation
    An assigned status for a specific period of time in which further violations of the Student Conduct Code may put the student’s status with the University in jeopardy and may result in more serious sanctions being imposed.
  • Deferred suspension
    Due to the nature of the specific violation or the student’s conduct history, the outcome could be disciplinary suspension from the university; however, the University Hearing Officer elected to defer the suspension for a specific period of time in which any further violations of the Student Conduct Code may result in disciplinary suspension or expulsion. 
  • Disciplinary suspension
    Withdrawal and separation from the University for a specified period, generally for a full calendar year. This may include restricted access to campus and/or other specified activities
  • Conduct dismissal
    Withdrawal and separation from the University indefinitely without the possibility of readmission. This may include restricted access to campus and/or other specified activities.

Certain sanctions have deadlines. A University Conduct Hold will be placed on your account if you do not complete a sanction by the deadline. To submit a completed sanction or to get clarification, contact your University Conduct Hearing Officer

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