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Student Life

Student Clubs

How can your involvement benefit you and your campus?
CWU Westside Centers enroll about 2,125 students a year and we encourage you to get involved with creating, leading, or being a member of a student club. Student clubs are an exciting opportunity for you to enhance your leadership skills, engage in professional development, and network with peers, faculty, and the community.
Westside Student Life can help you form or join a club, plan and implement a campus-wide activity, sponsor a club event, and more.  An additional benefit of being an officially recognized club is the ability to request up to $500 per academic year to support club activities and events. 
Club Purpose
The purpose of clubs is to provide students with opportunities and experiences that develop leadership skills and make connections to their academic studies.
What Does a Club Do?
Clubs are created, developed and run by CWU Westside students. Some clubs are directly connected with academic programs, while other clubs were developed based on students’ personal interests.  Clubs may seek funding from Westside Student Life to host events for students at their campus. Clubs typically meet weekly and are run by the clubs’ governing body.

How to Start a Club
All student clubs must be officially recognized by the ASCWU Student Government; after recognition, a club account is set up through the University.

To get started:

  1. Find four other students interested in being charter members
  2. Identify a CWU faculty/staff member willing to serve as advisor


How to Request Funding For a Club
Official recognized clubs may request funds from Westside Student Life.  This amount is not a lump sum for the academic year.  Official recognized clubs need use the Westside Student Life Funding Request form to  type up the exact amount they would like to request from Westside Student Life.  Official recognized clubs can request up to $500.00 per academic year.  If official recognized clubs currently have funds in the club account, they need to use their club funds first before requesting additional funds from Westside Student Life.  To receive a Westside Student Life Funding Request form please email Ashlee Norris or Zack Kramer

Current Clubs