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Westside Student Life

Lynnwood/Everett Student Staff

Students of CWU-Lynnwood experience support in strengthening their communities through Campus Activities Team events that foster creativity, unity and connections with staff and campus resources. Through these actions, we promote diversity and exemplify CWU’s core values.



Ngoc Tran

Event Coordinator

Major: Marketing

Minor: Event Planning

Favorite Superhero:  Iron Man

As being part of the Campus Activities Tean, I'm excited to meet all the new students, adapt to a new environment, improve my abilities and gain plenty of skills!






Vi Nguyen

Event Coordinator

Major: Business

Favorite Candy:  Matcha Kit-Kat.

I'm so excited to be a part of the Campus Activities Team and to help other students get involved in CWU's activities.

The CWU-Lynnwood campus has many students form different places of the world. I hope to get to know them and learn from their fantastic cultures!



Tina Dang

Event Coordinator

Major: Leadership and Management

Minor: Economics

Favorite Movie: Fight Club

I'm excited about being part of Campus Activities Team so that I can get more students involved in the community.






Alan Charnley

Event Coordinator

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Favorite Vacation Destinations: Tonga, Whistler and the San Juan Islands

I'm excited to serve my fellow students with honor and seeing what i can do to improve their time here as students! I am also looking forward to being of service to our school.




Amber Vineberg

Event Coordinator

Major: Marketing

Favorite Superhero: Thor

I'm excited to be able to bring students together that normally don't meet. My favorite aspect of our campus is size of our student body!