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Student Employment

Working On Campus - Job Postings and Networking

Students who want to work will normally be successful in finding a job. You should begin your job search as soon as you arrive on-campus.

There are two categories of Student Employment: Regular Student Employment and Work-Study Employment.  Students who have been notified that they are eligible for Work Study employment and have received the Work Study Student Personnel Action form from the Financial Aid Self Help office may apply for either.  If you have not been notified that you are eligible for Work Study, you may apply for regular student employment positions.

Many job openings will be posted on our on-line Job Board (see menu at left).  But, we suggest that you not limit yourself to applying only for posted jobs. Many employers receive a sufficient applicant pool from "walk-ins". If you know where you want to work, contact that department even if a job is not posted.

The job application process is mostly informal. There is not a general application you need to complete but some offices may ask you to complete a departmental application.  Follow the application instructions in each posting.

Here are some tips to maximize your chance of a successful job search:

  • Begin looking no later than the 2nd day of class.
  • Create a resume based on your skills and previous experiences (work, volunteer, class leadership, etc.) Visit various offices and departments on campus beginning with those that are in your area of career or major interest.  Rather than just leaving your resume, ask to talk to the person in the office responsible for hiring students, frequently the department secretary.
  • Be willing to accept the jobs that are available.
  • Don't give up. Incoming students may get discouraged after contacting a few employers. It is the students who keep applying who get the jobs.
  • Apply for a lot of jobs at the same time. Don't wait for one employer to give you an answer before applying for a different job. The "worst" that can happen is you will receive multiple job offers and get to choose.
  • Dress neatly, practice good hygiene, be cooperative and willing to work, and smile.
  • Be courteous when you apply (and while on the job). This is listed last, but don't underestimate its importance. Remember, departments are very busy at the beginning of each academic year. You want to convince them you will help with their workload, not add to it by being uncooperative or unpleasant.

You may view a list of Conditions for On-Campus Employment (including how many hours you can work, and when you will be paid)

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