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Student Employment

Work Study Information

The Financial Aid Office assists thousands of students to find Work-Study employment. You must qualify for need-based financial aid to be eligible for Work-Study. The Work-Study program subsidizes the employer by a percentage of a student's hourly wage. Work Study is like any other job; you work and receive a paycheck for your earnings from your employer. Work-Study students are generally in high demand so eligible students can often pick the job of their choice. There are more students eligible for Work-Study than there are available funds. A Work-Study job reduces your eligibility for other financial aid. CWU participates in the federal and state Work-Study programs.

If you indicated an interest in Work Study on your FAFSA and you have “Need,” you will be sent paperwork. If you did not indicate an interest on the FAFSA, but are now interested in Work Study please contact the Financial Aid Office.

For more information click on the links below or talk to a Financial Aid counselor in the Financial Aid Office if you need additional information regarding Work Study.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)