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Student Employment

Work Study Off Campus Job #272A

Employer / Name of Business: 
Contact person: 
Rickard Guild
5204 Solberg Drive SW
Hourly Pay Rate: 
$9.04 per hour
Job Title: 
Marketing and Business Development Associate #272A
Job Description: 
Pay Rate $9.04-$12.00
Duties & Responsibilities: 
CenterForce is a non-profit agency which provides employment and training for the developmentally disabled. The Marketing and Development Associate position is designed to provide administrative support to the Development and Operations Director position with a wide variety of administrative tasks and management activities. 1. Uphold and honor the Mission, Vision and Core Values of CenterForce. 2. Responsible for supervision and coordination of assigned activities at CenterForce. 3. Provide skill building activities when appropriate and to assist participants to obtain community based employment. 4. Complete required consumer paperwork when appropriate to include: daily attendance, assessment activities, training activities, timings, norms evaluations, individual plan development, pertinent data for files, in a timely manner. 5. Complete required documentation with regard to accident and incident reporting. This includes reporting any suspected abuse to immediate supervisor. 6. Provide quality assigned job duties in a timely manner. 7. Responsible for the highest quality of customer service delivery for internal consumer customers. 8. Maintain and demonstrate professional behavior and a cooperative attitude. 9. Exhibit good communication skills with co-workers, supervisors, persons serviced and customers. 10. Maintain a working knowledge of and adhere to all agency policies and procedures. 11. Demonstrate "Pride in Ownership" of Counterforce's quality of work, equipment, vehicles and total facility care and cleanliness. 12. Support efforts to keep clean and well organized facilities. 13. Assist with providing a safe shop by eliminating accidents/obstacles before they occur. 14. Performs related duties as assigned or as the situation dictates. 15. Assure required paperwork is completed in a timely manner. 16. Assist with: typing, filing, mailing, appointment setting, data base management, and record keeping. 17. Assist the Director with marketing, business development, fund-raising, special events, web site and social media management and special project activities as assigned. 18. Support management participation in community activities to increase public awareness and agency activities and services.
Minimum Qualifications / Skills Needed: 
1. Knowledge of Quality Customer Service principles. 2. Ability to work cooperatively with others and exhibit professional and courteous behavior to all affiliated with CenterForce. 3. Ability to maintain staff and client confidentiality. 4. Ability to plan and prioritize work. 5. Ability to work independently as well as in a team. 6. Strong organization, accuracy, attention to detail skills.
Why do you need this position?: 
To carry out CenterForce's mission of empowering adults with disabilities through education, employment, and community living, to more fully participate in their communities. CenterForce is a private non-profit organization that provides education, training and employment assistance to students and adults with developmental disabilities, without regard to the severity of an individual's disability. Some of the folks we serve may exhibit behaviors that are dangerous or considered inappropriate in a community environment(violent, Self abuse, theft, swearing, sexually inappropriate, arson, and property destruction. At no time will our student volunteers or interns be working directly with another person who has additional community supervision support needs. These clients may be in the facility during volunteer/intern work assignments.
What educational benefits will the student gain from this position?: 
Educational benefits will include development of skills and abilities in the management of a non-profit organization as well as marketing, business and fund raising, special events, web site and social media development.
Work Study: 
Work Study
Hours Per Week: 
Number of Students Needed: