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Student Employment

Work Study Off Campus Job #24A

Employer / Name of Business: 
Ellensburg School District
Contact person: 
varies by School
varies by school
Varies by school
Hourly Pay Rate: 
$10.00 per hour
Job Title: 
Reading Tutor #24A
Job Description: 
Need 18 students to work 8-14 varied hours per week (six students per elementary school). Work schedule to be arranged during school hours. *Must be eligible for Financial Aid Work-Study to qualify for this position. Mt. Stuart Elementary School, Contact: Shannon Cernick or Dawn Hugo 925-8437 (FILLED) Grades K-5 Valley View Elementary School, Contact: Lori Ross, Secretary 925-7316 (FILLED) Lincoln Elementary School, Contact: Sue Nelson or Kevin Weberg, 925-8050, (FILLED) Must have: -updated resume -copy of CWU class schedule -WSPAF
Duties & Responsibilities: 
Provide one-on-one or group tutoring of reading skills for elementary school age children. Classroom teacher will assign duties, and tell you which child or children you will tutor. Duties will be specific to improving reading skills. Duties include: reading to or with the elementary school age children; asking questions or doing activities intended to determine comprehension of reading material.
Minimum Qualifications / Skills Needed: 
Must have patience for, and understanding of elementary school age children. Professional grooming habits required, which include dress code set by school district and attention to personal hygiene. Must be able to work independently, while following classroom teacher's instructions on how to build reading skills.
Why do you need this position?: 
Assist with the President's America Reads effort, which is intended to ensure all children are able to read well and independently before leaving elementary school. Tutors will assist classroom teachers in providing one-on-one or small group assistance to children who need individual attention that the teacher is unable to provide.
What educational benefits will the student gain from this position?: 
Future teachers will be able to gain practical hands-on experience working with elementary school age children who need special attention to help them build reading skills. Also allows college student to observe classroom activities and gain experience working in the classroom setting.
Work Study: 
Work Study
Hours Per Week: 
Number of Students Needed: 

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