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Student Employment

Work Study Award Renewal

If you are currently working in a Work-Study job and wish to return to the SAME employer the following academic year, the process is as follows:

In March/April, your employer will receive an email message that it is time to renew your job for the upcoming year. Employers should email the names of the students who will be rehired to Financial Aid. We will prepare a Work-Study Personnel Action Form (WSPAF) for each individual student, and mail them to your employer. Your employer should complete the form with you and submit it to the Financial Aid office. You will be awarded Work-Study for the upcoming year sometime in late summer as your financial aid file is completed. If we cannot award you, you and your employer will be notified.

If your supervisor does not mention the renewal process, ask them about it. If you do not receive a renewal WSPAF, then use the process for all other students who do not go through the renewal process.