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Student Employment

Supervisor Tool Kit

At a Glance

  • The following are the tips, tricks, and ideas for supervising students.
  • Feel free to use anything you see here and let us know if you want any additional information.

To Whom Does This Apply

  • Supervisors of student employees

Your Role as a Student Employee Supervisor

Giving Feedback to your student employees. A tool on how to talk with them.

Inspiring and Motivating your student employees.

Coaching your student employees.

Student Employee Wage Scale for 2015

Payroll Budgeting Info

OASID Tax = Gross pay X .062
Medicare = Gross pay X .0145
L&I = hours x .2543

Supervisor Checklist - tool for supervisors to use the first week of employment.

Confidentiality Statement
Disciplinary Letter
Dress Code
FERPA Statement
Interview Questions

Performance Evaluation

Reference Check Questions
Technology Agreement

Customer Service
Performing Our Best

Student Employee Success

Student Appointment Form (this form is no longer required to be submitted to HR, but supervisors can use as a training tool and kept in a file in your dept. Please be sure to follow the instructions on How to Hire a Student.).