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Student Employment

Summer Work Hours Eligibility

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The number of hours student employees can work depends on these factors:

  1. enrollment status during the previous academic year in which they worked for CWU AND
  2. pre-registration for the upcoming fall term AND
  3. enrollment during summer term

Students enrolled in Summer classes can work:

  • 19 hours per week while enrolled full-time
  • 69 hours per month (about 15 hours per week) while enrolled 1/2 time

NOTE: Students who are not pre-registered 1/2 time (or more) Fall Term must stop working as soon as their summer classes end. Students who are pre-registered fall term (2002-03 AY) for at least half-time credits can continue to work during summer until fall term begins.

Students pre-registered for at least 1/2 time Fall term but not enrolled (or enrolled less than half-time) Summer term can work:

  • 40 hours per week if student was enrolled full-time throughout the previous academic year (or if less than full time credits, did not work for CWU more than 69 hours per month). (Note: student can still work 40 hours per week all summer even if they are enrolling only half-time in the upcoming fall term.)
  • 69 hours per month (about 15 hours per week) if student dropped below full-time during any quarter of the previous academic year AND worked for CWU more than 69 hours per month. (Note: The student will be limited to 69 hours per month all summer long until fall quarter begins.)

Students not enrolled for Summer term and not pre-registered for Fall term:

  • You cannot work as a student employee over the summer. If you are employed as a student employee during the academic year, you must stop working as a student employee on June 15.
  • It is still possible to work as a temporary hourly employee. You should ask your department if they will hire you on this basis. Your employer will complete┬áPersonnel Action Form (PAF) paperwork with you if they hire you as a temporary hourly employee.

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