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Student Employment

SUMMER JOB #12 Leader Creek Fisheries

Employer / Name of Business: 
Leader Creek Fisheries
Contact person: 
Paul Leach
Mile Marker 3.5 Alaska Peninsula Highway
Hourly Pay Rate: 
$8.00 per hour
Job Title: 
Fish Processor in Alaska SUMMER JOB #12
Job Description: 
Job is in Alaska. As a Processor, your work can encompass a number of different activities and tasks, which can include sliming, sorting and grading fish; loading fish into the freezer; boxing frozen fish; cleaning the processing equipment or area; or preparing and boxing salmon roe. This is not intended to be an all-inclusive list as there are too many tasks to list here. Among other things, the timing of the fishing season, the quantity of fish we receive at the plant, our production capacity and schedule, as well as your aptitude, abilities, and attitude will play a part in determining your job as a Processor. In any of these different departments a processor is expected to work 12 to 16 hours every day, seven days a week. What ever department you are assigned to will most likely be physically strenuous, wet, cold and loud.
Additional Comments: 
The hourly wage for Leader Creek processors is $8.00 an hour, however what separates Leader Creek from other employers is the money you will make working over time. The over time pay rate is $12.00. The average employee can expect to work 14 to 16 hours a day seven days per week through the peak of our seasons. This means the average employee will work about 100 hours per week during peak periods: 40 hours of this is paid at the regular time rate and 60 hours is paid at time and a half ($12.00). While there are no guarantees in the fish business, it has been our experience that employees who come prepared to work - and work hard when there is work - go away with good money. Some additional perks of Leader Creek: - All meals are provided by Leader Creek free of charge - Housing is provided at no cost - Leader Creek will provide round trip transportation from Seattle, WA to our plant located in Naknek, AK. Please go to to apply online. Please refer to this posting in your application.
Work Study: 
Non-Work Study
Hours Per Week: 
Number of Students Needed: 

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