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Student Employment

Student Employee General Information

Conditions for On-Campus Employment

Regular student employees may begin work as soon as they have completed all necessary paperwork with their employer, and the employing department has checked their enrollment status to ensure eligibility to work as a student employee (except Work-Study, these forms must be approved by Student Employment first). Employers should immediately forward hiring documents to Student Employment for data entry onto the payroll system. Delays in submitting hiring documents will delay the student's paycheck.

The student and employer must complete a set of hiring documents and forward them to Student Employment for data entry prior to the first day of work. At peak times, we process hundreds of forms each week, so matching up documents which have been submitted separately can slow down processing of your file considerably. Employers are responsible for informing students of their first pay date, as forms submitted to Student Employment after the deadline will delay the first paycheck by one pay date. You may view more information on payroll dates and deadlines here.

Student Employees must be enrolled at least half-time (6 credits for undergraduate students and 5 credits for graduate students in a graduate degree program). If a student drops below this credit limit, they are no longer eligible to work as a Student Employee (except in summer months if the student attended spring quarter and is pre-registered for fall classes). For your convenience, we have created an easy online tutorial to help you determine how many hours you can work per week during the summer and academic year. If the student becomes or is ineligible to work as a student employee, employers may continue to hire the student, but the department must re-hire the employee through the Office of Human Resources.

Students enrolled for 12 or more credits (10 credits if in a graduate degree program) may work up to a total of 19 hours per week while classes are in session. This limit applies to all university campus jobs combined (not per job). Off-campus Work-Study jobs are also included. Additional hours can be worked on holidays and during official university breaks, providing the student is pre-registered for at least half time credits during the term immediately following the break. Students who are enrolled full-time may work up to 8 hours per day during holidays and up to 40 hours per week during breaks. Students may work as many hours as they wish at private off-campus jobs (not through CWU) and these hours do not count toward the above maximum.

Students enrolled 6 - 11 credits are limited to 69 hours per MONTH (about 15-16 hours/week) while classes are in session. This limit applies to all university campus jobs combined. This 69 hour per month limit also applies to holidays and official university breaks. This lower limit is due to retirement system regulations (which only exempt full-time students). We apologize for this inconvenience to our part-time students.

Important note: CWU employs around 800-1000 students during the summer months. If a student drops below 12 credits during any term of the academic year (including withdrawing from a class), they are limited to working on-campus no more than 69 hours per month during the summer months.
Students may work more than one on-campus job, providing that they do not exceed the limits described above from all their jobs combined. Students who work for more than one on-campus employer are responsible for notifying each employer, and coordinating their work hours so the above limits are not exceeded.

Students may not volunteer additional hours to any department that has hired them for pay. Students may not volunteer for another on-campus department if their volunteer duties are similar to those for which they are paid. Employers may not suggest or require that any student perform volunteer work, and may not reward or penalize any student for volunteering or not volunteering. For example, an employer may not require, suggest, or accept on-campus volunteer work from a student as a condition to participating in any school activity or as a pre-requisite to being accepted for enrollment in a class.

Students may volunteer to work on-campus if they do so of their own free will (i.e. do not feel coerced to do so), and their volunteer activities are not similar to duties they perform for pay anywhere else on-campus. Students who are enrolled in a class for which they receive academic credit may also volunteer to perform community service activities as part of a classroom project or assignment, or to receive extra credit for a class. Such volunteer work can be an important way for a student to gain practical experience to enhance their classroom learning experience.

Students are paid twice per month as follows:
• Pay Period 1st - 15th - pay date is the 25th of the same month
• Pay Period 16th - 31st - pay date is the 10th of the following month.

A student's first pay check may be delayed by one pay date if their complete hiring documents are not submitted to Student Employment by the first day of the pay period during which they begin working.

Students may pick up pay checks at the Cashier's Office, Barge Hall, Room 104 (bring picture ID). CWU also offers and encourages direct deposit for students. Forms to set up direct deposit with your bank are available at the Payroll office in Mitchell Hall, second floor. You do not need to have a local bank to use direct deposit. Forms can be mailed to your bank.

Social Security taxes (FICA) are not deducted for Student Employees working on the CWU campus during the academic year. During Summer break students who are not enrolled, or enrolled less than half time, will have FICA deducted from their pay. The special IRS FICA exemption does not apply to students who are employed in off-campus jobs, including off-campus Work-Study jobs.

Employers cannot deny pay for hours worked, and may not withhold pay for more than one pay period. If payment is delayed by more than one pay date, the student should contact Student Employment for assistance. It may be that hiring forms were not submitted, or there may be some other difficulty.

Student Employees are hired as temporary hourly employees. Job offers or dates listed on the hiring form are not a guarantee of employment for any specific time period, and employment is hour-to-hour. Students can quit a job and employers can terminate a student without giving advance notice. However, it is considered good practice for each to provide 2 weeks notice. Normally an employer will not terminate a student from a job unless that student is not performing their job duties in a satisfactory manner. Students and employers are strongly encouraged to frankly discuss problems before they grow, so that a solution can be worked out. Sometimes a student will be terminated (or a student will quit) because of a personality clash with their supervisor. It is important to remember that this does not mean a student has "failed." Some specific jobs and students are not a good "fit."

University jobs are open to all qualified students. Students who feel they have been discriminated against because of their race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam-era veteran, should contact the Office for Equal Opportunity for assistance at 509-963-2206.

Students of disability, who require accommodation, are encouraged to utilize the services of Student Employment or for help applying for jobs.  Contact Student Employment at 509-963-1202 for assistance. We will be happy to assist you!

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