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Student Employment

SPAF Download Page (Summer)

Download the Summer 2012 Student Personnel Action Form (SPAF) now! 

All student positions on campus must have a Job Description on file and the number must be listed on the SPAF form.  This enables us to serve you better and help in your recruitment and hiring efforts.

If your student position requires a background inquiry, please be sure to list the Job Description number and add a "B" to the end of the number. This will alert Student Employment (SE) that this position requires it. For example, for JD #001, you would use "001B" to indicate that you are requesting a background inquiry from Human Resources (HR). HR processes and inteprets the inquiry and SE verifies that the inquiry was completed before entering the student into the payroll system.

After you download the form, you can click in the fields and type or print the form and complete it by hand. The second page of the SPAF contains the instructions, make sure both the student and supervisor read the instructions before signing the SPAF. Both the SPAF and the Instruction Sheet must be forwarded to Student Employment after completion.

When photocopying, please make sure the SPAF and Instruction Sheet are duplexed (copied on both front and back). It is important to do this because the supervisor and student are both signing the SPAF saying that they have read the Instruction Sheet. If you do not print it on the same sheet of paper, you will not be providing complete information to the student or the employer, and that could cause problems later if questions arise. The SPAF should be on one side and the Instruction Sheet should be on the other side of the same sheet of paper. For printers without double sided capabilities you may print page 1 (SPAF), place the sheet back in your printer, and print page 2 (Instruction Sheet). If you have problems printing both sides, contact Student Employment for help. We will be happy to assist you.

Send the completed SPAF to Student Employment at MS 7425 as soon as possible to ensure your student is activated on the payroll system. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR INFORMING THE STUDENT OF WHEN TO EXPECT THEIR FIRST PAYCHECK. Call Student Employment if you have questions. Thank you!!!