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Student Employment

PERS Waiver Form

Download the Public Employee's Retirement System Waiver Form (PERS) now.

When photocopying, make sure the two pages are duplexed (printed front and back on the same sheet of paper). By duplexing, you ensure that the student has access to full information when completing the form, which helps to avoid confusion.

Why is this form required?

Normally, employees who work more than 69 hours per month on a regular basis (more than 5 months per calendar year) must contribute to the PERS retirement system. PERS allows students who are enrolled full-time to exempt themselves from this requirement. If a student plans to work on-campus more than 69 hours per month, including during the summer break, they must sign this form. More information is available on who is eligible to exceed 69 hours/month during the summer.

Who must complete this form?

Students who are eligible to (and plan to) work more than 69 hours per month (about 15 hours per week) must sign this form at the time they are hired. The form only needs to be submitted once for all years of employment at CWU.

Where is the completed form sent?

The signed form is sent to the Office of Human Resources (Bouillon, Rm. 140, MS 7425)

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