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Student Employment

Pay Dates

Note: Work-Study Personnel Action Forms (WSPAF) are placed on the payroll according to the approval date, not the date received.

On Campus Jobs

Students are paid twice per month, on the 10th and 25th. If your hiring documents are received by Student Employment after the first day of the Pay Period in which you begin work, your first pay check will be delayed by one pay date.

Pay PeriodPay Day
1st - 15th25th of current month
16th - 31st10th of following month

Example: Student's completed forms arrive at Student Employment on October 17. Employment begins on October 18. The first payday you can be sure of will be November 25 and contain pay for hours worked Oct. 18-30 and Nov. 1-15. If the hiring forms had been received by the 5 pm deadline on October 16, the first pay date would be Nov. 10. You may receive a paycheck on the earlier pay date if we were able to enter your information sooner than anticipated, so check with your timekeeper or the cashier to see if you have a check on the earlier payday.

If the 10th or 25th falls on Saturday, payday is the day before (Friday); if on Sunday, payday is the next day (Monday). Students pick up pay checks at the Cashier's Office (Barge Hall, Room 104). Bring picture ID with you. Students are encouraged to arrange for direct deposit by contacting the Payroll Office, 2nd floor of Mitchell Hall.

Off Campus Jobs

If you work off-campus, you will be paid according to your employer's regular payroll schedule. All employers must pay you at least once per month and must pay you for all hours you work. Employers cannot require "volunteer" hours from an employee whom they have hired for pay.

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