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Student Employment


Minumum Wage Increase

Please note that Washington's State minimum wage will increase to $11.00 per hour effective January 1, 2017.

All active positions will be automatically increased to
$11.00 per hour.

Please contact your HR Partner if you have any questions.

Regular Student Employees May Now Work 20 Hours per Week

Regular student employees, those not receiving work study funds, may now work 20 hours per week.  This change significantly affects a student’s eligibility for financial assistance through some federal and state regulations.  It was a change requested by students for students.

Work study students are still limited to 19 hours per week per federal work study guidelines.

We hope this change will be a great benefit to both students and employers.

Please contact your HR partner with questions or concerns.

Minimum Wage Increase

Washington's minimum wage increased to $9.47 on January 1, 2015.  The HR office increased the hourly wage for all student employees as necessary.

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Required Training for All Student Employees

For many years CWU has offered various classes to employees including courses in preventing sexual harassment and employment discrimination; CWU has a zero-tolerance position on all forms of discrimination, harassment, and other inappropriate workplace behavior.  In order to highlight the importance of this training and the University's stance, the Human Resources (HR) office has asked all employees (including students) to complete Treating People with Dignity & Respect (aka Preventing Sexual Harassment, Employment Discrimination and Title IX).

There are two options available:

  • Online course can be accessed HERE.
  • In-Person - To view and/or register for an upcoming training, please login to:
    MyCWU>>Employee Tab>>Training Folder>>Request Training Enrollment>>Search by Course Number>>HRC006.

Supervisors: To schedule an in-person training (~1 hour class) for student employees in your department, please contact So Phourng Chen at (509) 963-2205 or

“We want to make sure employees know how important it is to ensure an inclusive and positive environment on campus,” said Gail Farmer, Equal Opportunity and Professional Development administrator.  “These issues occur on all college campuses across the nation and what sets us apart is how we respond to issues when they arise. These policies actually are designed to protect our employees.”

For addition information, contact Gail Farmer at ext. 2206.

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