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Student Employment

New Work Study Awards

This information is for all students who will be attending at least half time during the current or upcoming academic year who do not go through the renewal awarding process.

This process for applying for Work-Study jobs is intended to make it easier and faster to apply for Work-Study and gives you a longer period to search for a job.
You DO NOT need Work-Study to work on campus, in fact, over 85% of the jobs on campus are Regular Student Employment positions. You can work a regular student job in addition to all your financial aid. Work-Study subsidized employment IS financial aid and must fit within your determined financial aid "need" as determined through filing the FAFSA form. Learn more about Work Study

Work-Study awards are made on a funds-available basis and are contingent on your available financial aid "need" and continued eligibility for financial aid per the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress policy. You are not guaranteed an award. Awards are made only after you submit the completed WSPAF form that has been filled out by you and your off campus employer or the on campus employer has submitted the Upload Spreadsheet. You and your employer will be notified if we are unable to fulfill your request.

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