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Intent to Hire Student Employee (Background Check)


* Ask your student if they have already done a background check (previously worked on campus).  If they have a background check on file you don't need to fill out this form. A background check is good for six years.

* If they don't have a background check on file the Supervisor should complete and submit the intent to hire form below, to start the background check process.

CWU contracts with a company called HireRight to conduct background (BG) checks on all employees. This form will send an email to the Student Employment Office so we can initiate the BG check and the student will receive an email with a secure user name and password from HireRight.

Instruct your student to:
• Monitor their CWU email account and respond to this important email (Failure to initiate the online background check process will delay when your student can start work.) AND
• Notify you once they have initiated the online authorization process.

Your student may not begin work until the background check and I-9 paperwork is complete.  Discrepancies discovered during the BG check process will be reviewed and may impact the student’s employment.

If you have questions concerning this process, contact Kathy Johnson (x2072).

If you marked "yes" that your student has worked on campus before then they will not need to do another background check. STOP at this point and do not submit a background check request.
Although birthdate is an optional field person under the age of 18 cannot authorize a background check. If you are hiring a freshman, we suggest you verify they are over 18. If they are not over 18, please send an email to with a parent's email address. If under your employee is under 18 the supervisor needs to complete a Parent/School Authorization form:
If your student has another job on campus then you need to be sure between the two departments your student is not going over the allowed number of hours worked (19 hours for full time students, 16 for part time students).
If your student is enrolled in a master's degree program he/she must be registered for at least 5 credits per term and may work a maximum of 19 hours per week. If the student is contracted as a graduate assistant through the Office of Graduate Studies and Research then he/she may not work any other position on campus without the express permission of the Dean of Graduate Studies, in writing. Circumstances for which permission is granted are very limited.
All student employees are required to take the Preventing Sexual Harassment and Preventing Employment Discrimination courses. They can do the courses online or in a classroom setting. All CWU employees are expected to familiarize themselves with the following University policies: CWUP 2-35-010 Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy Statement, CWUP 2-35-050 Sexual Harassment, CWUP 2-40-030 Alcohol and Other Drugs, and 2-30-040 Domestic Violence and the Workplace. They can be found online at

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