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Student Employment

I-9 Download Page

Download the I-9 Form now.

Students usually complete this form at Student Employment. For students employed at CWU Centers, supervisors should complete the form with their newly hired student employees and forward it to Student Employment.

When you download the form, carefully read all instructions. This is a FEDERAL form that is required of all persons employed in the United States of America.

You will download 3 pages (Instruction Sheet, I-9 Form, List of Acceptable Documents). When photocopying, make sure the I-9 Form and List of Acceptable Documents are duplexed (the I-9 form is on one side and the List of Acceptable Documents is on the other side of the same sheet of paper).

IMPORTANT: Pay particular attention when recording document names and issuing authorities (see Instruction Sheet for details). You must record the entire name of the document and issuing authority EXACTLY as it appears on the document. For instance, if you are recording a Washington State Driver's License, on the "Document Title" line, you would type or write: "Washington State Driver's License," not "WADL" or "DL." On the "Issuing authority" line, you would type or write: "State of Washington Department of Licensing," not "WA" or "Dept of Licensing." Though it may seem trivial, other schools have been cited and fined recently for not correctly recording this type of information, so please write EXACTLY what appears on the document. The best way to make sure you are in compliance is to thoroughly READ the Instruction Sheet and follow it!

When is the form required?

Completed at the time of hire for all students who will work on the CWU campus. Students only need to complete an I-9 form once for all the years employed at CWU, unless there is a lapse in enrollment of more than one quarter. If you have not enrolled at least half-time for more than one quarter, please visit Student Employment with your original ID so we can re-certify your I-9 form before you begin working again on campus.

Who completes the form?

I-9 forms are usually completed at Student Employment, or if at a CWU Center, with the employer. Both the student and employer have a section to complete and sign. Be sure to sign and date the form in ink. Make sure the date the employer signs is the same day or later than the date the student signs the form.

Where is the completed form sent?

Attach the form to the Student Personnel Action Form (SPAF) or Work-Study Personnel Action Form (WSPAF) and return it to Student Employment (Barge, 102, MS 7496). Please do not submit supplemental forms such as the I-9 separately, as it can greatly slow down processing time as we try to match forms. Typically during peak periods, we receive hundreds of forms each week. Please help us by attaching all supplemental forms to the SPAF or Work-Study Personnel Action Form (WSPAF).

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