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Student Employment
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How to Hire a Student

Hiring Student Employees

The Talent Acquisition Team (TAT) is here to help. Contact Monique Gonzalez at (509) 963-1267.

Refer to the Recruiting Solutions User Guide for instructions.
Please note that a background check must clear and required paperwork be completed before your student employee may begin work.

Preparing Position

1. Write a position description.

2. Determine if you have a current position number by reviewing Manager tab in MyCWU.

3. If no current position, select job code from online list.

4. Submit Manager Self Service (MSS) action via MyCWU to request a position number (Refer to Recruiting Solutions User Guide pages 3 & 4).

*If processing a rehire:
Run credit check query (see step #9, below) and then proceed to Hiring: Rehires and Work Study.

Rehire: a student employee that has an up-to-date I-9 AND background check on file
New Hire: a student who has never worked on campus OR a student that does not have an up-to-date background check on file

Advertising Plan - if necessary

5. Work with your Talent Acquisition Team (TAT) to create a job posting.

Selection Process - if necessary

6. Review applicants online in Recruiting Solutions – TAT will provide access to applicant pools as requested.

7. Prepare interview and reference check questions and review the ‘don’t ask’ list.

8. Interview and select finalist. (Click here for information on hiring a minor.)

9. To qualify as a student employee:

  • Undergrads: Must be enrolled in at least 12 credits to work full-time (20 hours/week); if enrolled in 6 - 11 credits, may only work 15 hours/week
  • Grad: Must be enrolled in at least 5 credits to work full-time (20 hours/week)

Check credit loads by running a query in MyCWU: Main Menu> Campus Solutions> Reporting Tools> Query > Query Viewer > CWHRD_SE_CHECK_CREDIT_B

10. Call top candidate and offer the job – contingent on a successful background check. Confirm start date after receiving ‘job offer confirmation’ email. Hire date is day of hire and end date is last day of a pay period (15th or 30th/31st). Optional: offer letter template

Hiring: Brand New Hire

11. Prepare a job offer online 
[Refer to Recruiting Solutions User Guide page 15.]

12. Notify applicant to watch for email or text from “HireRight” to consent to background check.

13. Upon receipt of “Job Offer has been Approved" email, remind your student employee to accept the job offer per email instructions.

14. Remind your student employee to report to HR to complete the I-9.  
You’ll know your student employee has been cleared to work if they have a yellow sticker on their connection card.

If the I-9 is not completed by the end of the third day after beginning work, the job will be terminated and your student may no longer work as he or she has not proven eligibility to be employed in the United States.


  • Rehires

           Complete the Upload Spreadsheet and email to:

  • Rehire Grant Funded Positions

           Complete Upload Spreadsheet and email to

Explanation of necessary codes can be found in the: Coding Cheat Sheet


15. Welcome your new student employee!

16. Have your student employee complete the required compliance training, Treating People with Dignity and Respect, on the Required Student Training webpage and review the University Safety Overview.



Important Reminders

If any student needs a disability-related accommodations to perform the duties of the position, have the student contact Disability Services at (509) 963-2214 or


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