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Student Employment

Frequently Asked Questions


Required Forms

I-9 Form
(Required, completed only once if there is no break in service)

A federal form used to verify that the student is authorized to work in the United States. Only one form is required for all the years the student works at CWU, unless there is a lapse in enrollment of more than one year. If the student has a lapse and is not enrolled at least half-time for more than one year, please send the student to Student Employment for recertification of the I-9. (The I-9 for students working at the Centers will be completed by the site director, or designee.)

STUDENTS: Before you come to campus, make sure that you have proper ID and proof of eligibility to work in the United States.  You must show ORIGINAL documents when completing the I-9; copies will not be sufficient and will result in a delay of employment.

W-4 Form
(Optional, used to request changes to standard payroll deductions)

A federal IRS form used to modify the amount of federal taxes will be deducted from the student's check.  A new form should be completed if any information changes, such as a name or address change, marital status change, or change in the number of exemptions claimed.

STUDENTS: Your W-4 defaults to 'Single, 0'.  You may change your W-4 information at any time in MyCWU.

Your W-2 Tax Statement will be mailed no later than January 31 of each year. If you do not receive a W-2 form, please contact the Payroll office in Mitchell Hall (509) 963-2221.

Incorrect data in the payroll system will cause problems for you. When your address changes, be sure to change it with the Registrar AND with Student Employment (or Payroll) so that your check address and W-2 address can be updated. Changing your address with the Registrar does NOT change it in the payroll system.

Also make sure that the address in MyCWU is updated with the correct address.  The "Home" address is where CWU mails information.

Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) Waiver Form
(Required, complete only once for all years of employment)

Completed by the student if the student wants to work more than 69 hours per month (about 15-16 hours per week), up to the maximum of 19 hours per week while classes are in session. Send completed form directly to Human Resources, MS 7425.

Background Inquiry

Effective Spring quarter 2012, criminal background checks are required for all student employees.  A conviction will not necessarily bar employment.  Each situation is reviewed individually;  a decision regarding employment will be based on the specific circumstances after considering factors such as severity of the crime, veracity of the student, length of time since conviction, duties of the prospective job, etc.

Once the student has authorized the background check from HireRight, he or she may begin working pending completion of a satisfactory background check.

In accordance with CWU Policy 2-30-010, an active requirement to register as a sex offender is incompatible with employment at CWU.


How Much Can I Earn?

There is no limit on the dollar amount you can earn (except through the Work-Study program). The maximum number of hours you can work on-campus is 20 hours per week if enrolled full time.


How Many Hours Can I Work?

Browse through our easy step-by-step tutorial that will help you determine how many hours per week you can work as a student.

On Campus Jobs

Full-time students (those enrolled for at least 12 credits,10 if a graduate student enrolled in a graduate degree program) can work up to 20 hours per week while classes are in session (if a PERS waiver form is submitted - see "Hiring Documents Packet" menu item at left for more information). This maximum includes all on-campus jobs combined. It also includes any off-campus Work-Study jobs. Off-campus private employment does not count in the maximum, you can work this type of employment as much as you wish. Full-time students can work up to 40 hours per week during official school breaks providing they are pre-registered for at least half-time credits during the term immediately following the break.

Students enrolled for 6-11 (5-9 for grads in a graduate degree program) credits can work up to 69 hours per MONTH (about 15 hours per week) on-campus. This maximum includes all on-campus jobs combined. This limit also applies during official school breaks.

Off Campus Jobs

Students may work off-campus as many hours as they wish (except in Work-Study jobs). Students who work the maximum number of hours on-campus may also work off-campus if they need additional employment.

Full-time students working off-campus through the Work-Study Program are limited to no more than 19 hours per week (including any on-campus jobs they might have).


Pay Dates

Note: Work-Study Personnel Action Forms (WSPAF) are placed on the payroll according to the approval date, not the date received.

On Campus Jobs

Students are paid twice per month, on the 10th and 25th. If your hiring documents are received by Student Employment after the first day of the Pay Period in which you begin work, your first pay check will be delayed by one pay date.

Pay PeriodPay Day
1st - 15th25th of Current Month
16th - 31st10th of Following Month


Example: Student's completed forms arrive at Student Employment on October 17. Employment begins on October 18. The first payday you can be sure of will be November 25 and contain pay for hours worked Oct. 18-30 and Nov. 1-15. If the hiring forms had been received by the 5 pm deadline on October 16, the first pay date would be Nov. 10. You may receive a paycheck on the earlier pay date if we were able to enter your information sooner than anticipated, so check with your timekeeper or the cashier to see if you have a check on the earlier payday.If the 10th or 25th falls on Saturday, payday is the day before (Friday); if on Sunday, payday is the next day (Monday).

Students pick up pay checks at the Cashier's Office (Barge Hall, Room 104). Bring picture ID with you. Students are encouraged to arrange for direct deposit by contacting the Payroll Office, 2nd floor of Mitchell Hall.

To set up Direct Deposit: Login to MyCWU>> Main Menu>> Human Resources>> Self Service>> Payroll and Compensation>> Direct Deposit

To view your Payslip: Login to MyCWU>> Click Content in the upper left hand corner>> Check the box next to View Payslip>> Click Save>> Find the View Payslip pagelet on your MyPage

Off Campus Jobs

If you work off-campus, you will be paid according to your employer's regular payroll schedule. All employers must pay you at least once per month and must pay you for all hours you work. Employers cannot require "volunteer" hours from an employee whom they have hired for pay.



Impact on Financial Aid

Off-Campus Employment

Will NOT affect any financial aid during the current year, unless the off-campus job is funded through the Work-Study Program.

Regular Student Employment

Will NOT affect any financial aid during the current year. Most on-campus jobs are through the Regular Student Employment Program.

Work-Study Employment

MAY reduce the amount of loan you can borrow.

Work-Study is a financial aid award. To qualify, you must apply for financial aid and demonstrate "need" for assistance. Because loan amounts may be reduced (but not always), some students may find Work-Study is not their best option.


International Students

International Student Employees:

     Generally cannot exceed the maximum of 19 hours per week, and CANNOT ever average their hours over the month. Per federal rules, they have an absolute weekly limit while attending classes and penalties for exceeding them are very severe for both the student and the employer. Stay in good standing by always observing the 19 hour per week limit.

    Can usually work up to 40 hours per week during a designated vacation period if returning for classes the following term.

Contact International Studies and Programs for more information on international students.


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