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Student Employment

Off Campus Job #2938 Munchkinland Daycare

Employer / Name of Business: 
Munchkinland Daycare
Contact person: 
Mona Haga
1006 South Ruby Street
Hourly Pay Rate: 
$9.19 per hour
Job Title: 
Teacher's Aide #2938
Job Description: 
Duties & Responsibilities: This position is between 8:00am and 5:00pm 3-5 hour time slots M-F with flexible hours in this time frame. A teacher's aide position has many responsibilities, but the greatest is your compassion, love, nurturing, and understanding of children. It is also your responsibility to insure the classroom is under control, organized, clean, well stocked, and all state safety and health guidelines are being followed (i.e. diaper changes and hand washing procedures). Also required, meet and greet with the parents and complying with all other procedures an aide would do. Minimum Qualifications / Skills Needed: Prior experience with children and/or currently enrolled in early Childhood Education classes.Must be 21 or older and have the following: First Aid/CPR Training Blood-borne pathogens/AIDS training Registered in the STARS/MERIT system Willing to undergo drug test Has one year or more experience with infants in a child center setting. Why do you Need this Position: To help provide for children’s needs physically, emotionally, socially, and intellectually. What educational benefits will the student gain from this position: A love of children and he ability to relate joyfully and sensitively. Our goal is to insure the children's well-being, safety, and learning in a loving environment. Gain experience with children in how they act, learn, and interact with others. Notes: Also need Teachers Aide's on a substitute bases. Would like to have a list of on-call SUBS available. To Apply: Please drop off a resume at 1006 South Ruby Street, Ellensburg.
Work Study: 
Non-Work Study
Hours Per Week: 
Number of Students Needed: 

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